Mallorca offers something for everyone. We have chosen some places that we would especially recommend to you.‍‍‍









Illetas beach is a little gem just below the Villa Son Font. In summer there are many people all over Mallorca, and it also counts for Illetas‍‍‍. It is nevertheless the best beach on the west island, and it's great fun to chill on the beach or in ‍‍‍‍‍‍one of the many restaurants. Parking is a hell so you will need to park a distance away from the beach.

Port Adriano has a nice medium sized beach, with a lot of restaurants by the harbor area right next door.

The sand is as nice as at Illetas, but there are usually fewer people .. ;-)! It is also situated very close to the house. Go down the beach at the end of the day and pick up pizza and drink at the harbor - very ‍‍‍‍‍‍cozy!


There are a lot of nice restaurants in Mallorca, so we present just a couple of things here. They are all super.

Oliu Restaurante at Port Andratx (but not down at the Port itself) is a super nice and cool restaurant, with amazing food and service. It is a little hidden off the main road down to Port A. but do not be wrong ... it is worth the visit.

Gin Burger is a super nice restaurant with ... yes Gin and Burgers. Everything tastes amazing and you are greeted by sweet people behind the counter. Great prices.

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Hotel Cuba is situated in Santa Catalina in Palma where you will find lots of great restaurants - just walk around and find your favorate pick. Hotel Cuba is a funcy place if you look for great food, club vibe, rooftop bar and party style....with style‍‍‍‍‍‍.