My name is Mikkel Tang-Henriksen.

My family and I bought a house in Calviá, Mallorca, and turned it into the beautiful VILLA SON FONT.

Renovating a house or building it from scratch is difficult even at home...doing it on Mallorca far away from home is scary. Everything works differently than usually, things goes slower and there are more bureaucracy and public affairs to pay attention to...not to mention the many challenges with the hands-on carrying out of an actual renovation.

But the most important challenge is being able to create a home away that you fall in love with .... a home with a room distribution that actually works and with a design that makes you regret having to go home again.

I help clients realize the dream of a home away on Mallorca - from idea to realization.








Building and renovating houses has been my passion since it is my living and my life.

It started out as curiosity about design and has turned into a passion project centered around creativity and functionality as the key words for all my projects.


Each house has a history and a story to tell.....whenever I get involved into a project the very first thing I do is to get the  'feel' of the house, get to know the ambiance  and the small but important twists and corners. I NEVER wipe the house empty inside as that is like wiping the history of the house. It is all about combining the existing with the new, it's about adding new layers to a present history. As a guide line I believe in using as few types of materials as possible, as many places as possible. I believe in combining the local architecture with the more 'tight' Scandinavian design style .... but they need to speak together as one thus making the style elegant, chic, cool, relaxing and with a varm atmosphere.


Even the best design and interior will not make the experience great if the room distribution, plans and functionality of the house sucks....remember that! Therefore, I spend as much time studying and designing the functionality of the house, as I use on the design and interior.
By functionality I also mean the way the project is carried out....the teamwork with real estate agents, lawyers, architects, contractors, public office employees and suppliers. Doing a renovation or new build project is a bumpy road with many set backs and surprises along the road but the good part is that I tried it before and know exactly with whom I shall co-operate. get started you need to find your dream house....;-)

If you do not have your eyes on a house yet I recommend you to contact Charlotte from Mallorcamægleren, as she is the no. 1 . agent to work with.

And yes....I do not work for free ...;-) please find my costs below (prices ex. VAT)


We will meet where you would like but preferably at your soon-to-be-dream house. We walk through the house or project, talk about a typical project process on Mallorca, talk about your wishes and about (as you are the one with the dreams). I will be able to give you an initial opinion and estimate about what I would do and how much it would costs + duration.

Price € 2.000 + travel and stay paid


Well.....if I haven't scared you and you think we would benefit from each other on your project lets sit down to discuss further.

Terms to be agreed upon

I am reachable on mail or phone/whatsApp +45 50724040

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Villa Son Font, Calviá, Mallorca

Summerhouse in Skagen, Denmark

Villa in Svejbæk, Silkeborg, Denmark

Villa in Sejs, Denmark